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(Almost six months late. Eh.)

Thank you for coming, everyone!

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This year's birthday cake:

:♥: Train cake

Dear Senator Maria Cantwell,

I am writing regarding the atrocious trampling of human rights for the illusion of airport security.

We are presented with two choices that are not choices at all: submitting to unsafe radiation that allows strangers to view our naked bodies, or submitting to "enhanced pat-downs" that will be considered sexual assault in any other situation.

My family has a history of breast cancer, and I do not want an unlicensed technician to bombard concentrated radiation on my skin. I also do not want to subject my two-year-old son to a practice declared unsafe for children.

If we "choose" to opt out of the backscatter machine, we have to undergo an intrusive procedure that is designed to humiliate and punish us for not choosing the backscatter "option."

More than our properties and our homes, we have full rights of privacy to our bodies.

When my son doesn't want to be hugged, I respect his wish and don't hug him. I tell him that other people touch his penis and his butt only when changing his diaper and giving him a bath. That it's not okay for people to touch him there otherwise.

Only three people touched my breasts with my permission my entire adult life: my husband of six years, my female gynecologist and my son when I breastfed him as a baby.

Two others did it without my permission: an opportunistic pedophile when I was eight at a water park, and a passerby ephebophile when I was twelve and walking home from school.

I count myself lucky for never suffering from a more serious sexual assault. I do not see why I should let myself be a victim of government-sanctioned sexual assault.

These two "security" measures do nothing but bully, humiliate and terrorize United States citizens just because they choose to travel by air. The backscatter machine cannot detect things implanted under the skin or inserted in a body cavity. If we allow ourselves to be abused this way, will a cavity search be the next standard procedure at American airports?


Your constituent,

Find your senators here.
(One year late, but here goes!)

Woo-hoo, it's my birthday!

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His birthday cakes:
:♥: Pirate chest cake

:♥: Berry glaze cake

Jun & Nate on July 10, 2009

Jun is one-year-and-one-months old. Nate is nine-months old.
It was funny to see Jun crawling in solidarity with Nate, who still mainly got around by crawling. Jun walked way faster than he crawled now.

Click on the pictures to access the large, uncropped, printable pictures.

Jun: "They're taking pictures of us. Quick, pose!"
Nate: *Lion King pose*

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Seven Months Milestone Pictures

Y HALLO THAR. *plays with sock*

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FYI he's wearing a diaper under his training pants. Which explains that bulge :-P


Happy Birthday, Uncle Thomas!

Happy birthday, Uncle Thomas!

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Note: These was taken on December 7, 2008. It was his second week eating solids. I was feeding him oatmeal cereal when he grabbed the spoon midway and started chewing on it *g*


Yet another underreported piece of news.

Link seen at my friends' page.
"Baby locked up at Honolulu airport dies"
Posted on: Wednesday, February 13, 2008
By Dan Nakaso, The Honolulu Advertiser.

Whoever will be the new president, they better fix this situation.

Back in 2004, a USCIS immigration officer who interviewed me for my permanent residency told me that at first they expected the reshuffling of USCIS (formerly INS) under the Department of Homeland Security to mean more staff and increased budget. It didn't happen. They have the same amount of staff, but they were expected to process twice as much paperwork.

Is it a wonder that my citizenship application is still pending, eight months after I submitted it?
I am currently waiting for the FBI name clearance before USCIS will send me a letter telling me when my citizenship interview will be. I'm a little concerned because I had written a number of articles on the U.S. government when I was a college student. The articles were not anti-America, but then again the government criteria of suspicious behavior are very sketchy at best.

Exhibit #1. My friend is an Indonesian male with a Muslim-sounding name. He's a Chinese descendant and a Christian, but like many other Chinese Indonesians, he has a typical Indonesian name due to the anti-communism/anti-Chinese sentiment prevalent in the 1960s.

Just because his profile fit certain parameters, FBI agents came in an undercover car to interview him at his workplace. Thankfully he had the full support of his employer; his boss sat in the room with an immigration lawyer. The FBI agents were a bit taken aback at the hostile reception. Heh.

Questions that were asked (randomly from a list of 100+ Qs):
"Did you know about 9/11?"
"Did you know about 9/11 before it happened?"

Exhibit #2. An American citizen was rejected over and over whenever he applied for a government position. He later found out that the FBI has a file on him; when he was a child, as part of a school project he sent letters to various countries using his father's letterhead. His father was a biochemist.

Exhibit #3. Indonesians with Western/Christian names go through U.S. custom easily. Indonesians with Muslim-sounding names always get checked thoroughly. Even if they have a green card. My father-in-law always took longer going through U.S. custom because his name sounded Muslim (He's a Chinese Buddhist).



Fictional memories meme

(Seen all over)
Remember the time...?

If you read this (even if we don't speak often), please post a comment with a completely made up and fictional memory of you and me. It can be anything you want - good or bad - but it has to be fake. When you're finished, post this little paragraph in your journal and be surprised (or mortified) about what people don't actually remember about you.

(Or I'll write a fictional memory of you and me as a reply to your comment here if you prefer that.)

Example: Remember that one time, when we see these two brothers at P.F. Chang, and we keep staring at them because they look so much like Ryan and Seth from The O.C.? The blond boy is definitely cuter than the actor who plays Ryan though.

Did you still have that picture of them you took with your cell phone?