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Dear Senator Maria Cantwell,

I am writing regarding the atrocious trampling of human rights for the illusion of airport security.

We are presented with two choices that are not choices at all: submitting to unsafe radiation that allows strangers to view our naked bodies, or submitting to "enhanced pat-downs" that will be considered sexual assault in any other situation.

My family has a history of breast cancer, and I do not want an unlicensed technician to bombard concentrated radiation on my skin. I also do not want to subject my two-year-old son to a practice declared unsafe for children.

If we "choose" to opt out of the backscatter machine, we have to undergo an intrusive procedure that is designed to humiliate and punish us for not choosing the backscatter "option."

More than our properties and our homes, we have full rights of privacy to our bodies.

When my son doesn't want to be hugged, I respect his wish and don't hug him. I tell him that other people touch his penis and his butt only when changing his diaper and giving him a bath. That it's not okay for people to touch him there otherwise.

Only three people touched my breasts with my permission my entire adult life: my husband of six years, my female gynecologist and my son when I breastfed him as a baby.

Two others did it without my permission: an opportunistic pedophile when I was eight at a water park, and a passerby ephebophile when I was twelve and walking home from school.

I count myself lucky for never suffering from a more serious sexual assault. I do not see why I should let myself be a victim of government-sanctioned sexual assault.

These two "security" measures do nothing but bully, humiliate and terrorize United States citizens just because they choose to travel by air. The backscatter machine cannot detect things implanted under the skin or inserted in a body cavity. If we allow ourselves to be abused this way, will a cavity search be the next standard procedure at American airports?


Your constituent,

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