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One hundred seventy beats a minute

I have a cold, and my electric kettle is broken, so I have to boil water to drink.


On the good news front:
Fortunately, even a bad cold wouldn't hurt your baby, though you may feel miserable, uncomfortable, and eager for relief.
--What to Expect When You're Expecting by Heidi Eisen Murkoff, p. 450

That's right, I'm pregnant. Almost thirteen weeks now :-D

Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker

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Have any favorite baby names to share?


1-100, U.S. money

I hate the CASAS test with the strength of a thousand sun. Test creators should be required to have teaching experience of the subject matter ~_~

Anyway, below are tables of numbers and money that I made, in case anyone finds it useful for teaching. Just copy and paste to Word and change the font.

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1. Please share any other on-site service activities you have done that that you would like to expand on.

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4. Please describe any challenges you have encountered during this quarter. If you have resolved them, please describe how. If you have not resolved them, please suggest how they may be resolved.

The biggest challenge in this agency is meeting the community’s various needs with the limited resources we have. Dozens of students want to attend our ESL class but we haven’t had the space to offer them. Hopefully this will be resolved quickly when we open a second ESL class. After we exhaust our waiting list, we will recruit more students by distributing flyers.

5. There are many great things that have happened as a result of your service. Please share one or two great stories from the past quarter.

Just this morning I was thinking that the U.S. president shouldn’t have hard-to-pronounce names. Coaching a Vietnamese speaker to say “George W. Bush” resulted in an approximation of “John W. Buhd.” After several tries, the woman (71 y.o.) pronounced it “Joje W. Bushy” which I proclaimed good enough. At least for now.
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2 January 2007

For immediate release

Carina A. del Rosario, Communications Coordinator, 206-774-2403 or carinad@acrs.org
Gary Tang, ACRS Aging and Adult Services Director, 206-695-7526 or garyt@acrs.org

Asian Counseling and Referral Service Food Bank Burglarized Twice during Holidays

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Cognitive Dissonance

I wonder if this is part of why I'm enjoying my Americorps service so much ;-)
Just yesterday I was passionately defending my "service" to my pastor, who was convinced that paying only the Federal minimum wage does not comply with state laws.

Underlines added by me.

Wikipedia article

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"My Dad is crazy. I don't take any responsibilites for him," a woman told the bus driver in a loud voice this afternoon. I was sitting a few rows back, and I could hear their conversation clearly.

A man in his seventies, slightly bowed, got on and paid the bus driver.

"He thinks he's going to the U-District. You have to tell him to get off the bus," the disembodied voice continued.

The father simply said in Mandarin, "Don't speak of it again."

"Does he know where he's going?" The bus driver asked the woman.

"Seventy-one, seventy-two, seventy-three," the father recited the bus route numbers lucidly in English.

"Okay, go!" The woman sounded slightly disgusted.

The bus doors closed, and the man sighed deeply.

A few bus stops later, I approached him and asked in Mandarin if he knew where he should get off.

I asked the bus driver, who then indicated the bus stop he should take.

I got off at the same bus stop and made sure once again that his destination was the U-District.

He then thanked me warmly for the third or fourth time.

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Introductory Post

The Purpose of this LiveJournal

I've had this journal for years, but haven't found much use for it until recently. This October I started my year of Literacy Americorps service at Asian Counseling and Referral Service, and this journal would work wonderfully to track my experiences throughout the year. If you live in Washington state, you might be interested in volunteering opportunities posted here.

Additionally, I plan to compile various articles I have written and will write on the Internet. My writing range from journalistic articles, movie and book reviews, how-to articles, recipes and theological musings. I might also post original fiction in the future.

Interesting links that I encounter will be posted here. This journal will only have memes that I find meaningful (i.e., not spam about my favorite pizza toppings).

Being not naturally an introspective person, I hope that this journal will help me reflect on my personal growth in academic, career and other areas of my life.

I am conscientious about using proper grammar and spelling when writing. I am not an opinion writer so I cannot imagine how my writing might be offensive. If/when I post materials that might be offensive, I will include a warning label.

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